Universe in a Nutshell

Universe in a Nutshell

The vary of measurement in the universe, from the tiniest particles to the epic galaxies—we take you on a journey of measurement that permit’s you discover all of it with a single swipe. How huge is a planet, in comparison with a human? And how small is an atom actually? You can’t absolutely wrap your head across the scope of issues by simply studying about them – so this app helps you to expertise them in comparability to get a feeling for his or her true scale. By merely swiping you possibly can zoom in and out all the best way from the world of basic particles as much as the biggest galaxies on the fringe of the observable universe.

Seamless zooming between the scales of 10^-35 meters to 10^26 meters (no math required)

Amazing enjoyable details for varied scale ranges, just like the smallest bacterium and the biggest black gap

Tap any object for a proof of what it’s, the way it works, and our favourite mind-blowing details

Beautifully animated illustrations of greater than 250 objects

Original Kurzgesagt music to enhance your expertise

What’s New

Updated engine model
Fixed crash that happens when launching the app on some Android 12 units



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