Idle Kingdom Defense

Idle Kingdom Defense Become a Champion in this idle defense game! Command your Heroes and Archers to win the battle!Earn money to upgrade your Heroes and the Castle.Eliminate the invaders and make you... Read More

Mergest Kingdom: Merge game

Mergest Kingdom: Merge game Do you believe in fairytales? If you do, then you‚Äôre about to see a magic story unfold, with dragons, heroes, and witches! ūüź≤ Enter The Mergest Kingdom and play some mo... Read More

The Ants: Underground Kingdom

The Ants: Underground Kingdom In¬†The¬†Ants:¬†Underground¬†Kingdom,¬†you¬†are¬†the¬†ultimate¬†Ant¬†Ruler¬†to¬†lead¬†your¬†Queen¬†and¬†build¬†your¬†Anthill. To¬†survive¬†and¬†reproduce,¬†wars¬†between¬... Read More