Gods’ Quest : The Shifters

Gods’ Quest : The Shifters

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You’re a lord in Greek mythology.
Recruit heroes and soldiers, and conquer and expand territory in order to create a prosperous city through choices and encounters with the gods of Olympus.

Olympus gods await you!
Story and Strategy in One! Gods’ Quest : The Shifters

■ Visual Novel Story
– Meet Zeus, Apollo, Ares… and other gods of Olympus.
– Create various relationships with the gods through stories big and small alike.
– Choose a sad romance with a goddess or a lively friendship with gods.

■ Various Strategy Tactics
– Become a lord and develop your city.
– Construct various buildings like farms, barracks, temples, and recruit heroes and soldiers.
– Conquer and expand your territory with various strategies.

■ Powerful Social Features
– Meet and visit other players’ cities.
– Form an alliance and trade with other players, or declare war and dominate them.
– Strong social features connects players from across the globe.

■ Meet Mythical Heroes
– Recruit and level up heroes from mythology.
– Heroes will protect the city for you, or become the vanguard and bring you victory.
– Heroes will be loyal and never betray you.

■ Various In-game Systems
– Strategize through recon and battle formations, and move territory through high level skills and earthquakes.
– Enjoy the game more thoroughly with various game skills and environmental factors.

What’s New

– Bug Fixes



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